Branching Out: Cool Chandeliers

The word chandelier might conjure images of thousands of crystal prisms, tinkling in baroque excess. But a chandelier is simply defined as a pendant fixture with multiple branches for lights — there is nothing inherently fussy about it (though, full disclosure: I love fussy chandeliers). If you’re looking to increase your wattage in a stylish way, don’t be afraid to venture into multi-armed territory.

Shown above:

1-3 Erin Martin Projects 4 Ingo Maurer via Barnabys
5 Photo by Paolo Feliciano, via Desire to Inspire
6 Kelly van Patter interior, photo by Lisa Romerein for House Beautiful
7 The Lion, via Dwellers Without Decorators
8 Sevenup chandelier, 528 euros from De Invasie, via Design Milk
9 Anthropologie Dock Glow chandelier, $798
10 Anthropologie Halo Chandelier, $298.

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