Brando's Hard Drive Dock: USB Hub, Speaker, and More

Brando's Hard Drive Dock: USB Hub, Speaker, and More

Range Govindan
Apr 7, 2009

With new hard drives coming out in greater and greater capacity, it's no wonder that you have a mounting pile of electronic junk on your desk. There are only so many hard drives that you can pack into your computer. At some point, you'll need to find another solution. Even though some solutions exist to remedy this, it's not always a good idea to go spending a lot of money on something like this. That's why we really like Brando's new HD dock. But wait a moment, it's not only a dock, it's a bunch of other things as well!

We previously featured a device like this dock. These devices are mainly used to dock an extra HD or two to expand the storage of your computer. Brando's device goes a step further. It's not only a SATA HD dock, it's also a stereo speaker system and USB hub. This dock will only cost you $59 and will dock 2.5 and 3.5-inch hard drives. There are also two extra USB ports and a microphone input for VOIP headsets. Now those are a lot of features for not a lot of money.

This dock will plug into any free USB port on your computer and it will also act as a USB soundcard. There's a audio input line on the right side that allows you to plug an MP3 player or any other outside audio source. Microphone and headphone jacks are also available on the back of the device. We really like this little thing. It would clear up some desk space and let you maximize your gadgets. A few extra USB ports are always good and you'll get some use out of all of those old hard drives that you got lying around. You can use them as floppies. [via Crunchgear]

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