Break These 5 Bad Habits Around the House That Sap Your Energy

Break These 5 Bad Habits Around the House That Sap Your Energy

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 22, 2015
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We've talked before about 5 Small Daily Practices That Add Up to a More Satisfying Home Life. But are there things you might be doing every day in your home that are having a negative effect in your life — like maybe sapping your energy — without even realizing it? Peruse this short list of five habits around the house you might want to break if you find yourself tired and lacking in energy often.

1. You sabotage your sleep

You still go to bed later than you should, don't try and wake up at the same time every day, haven't maximized your bedroom for sleeping and begin and end your day scrolling through a bright screen inches from your eyeballs. You know better. Good energy that lasts the whole day through starts the night before with as restful sleep as you can get.

2.You skip breakfast

Do you always manage to make it out the house without any food passing your lips? Bodies need fuel to keep going, and starting the day off with something nutritious is the right choice. Consider creating a breakfast station in the kitchen or by the front door that consists of nutritious breakfast options you can grab or fix quickly.

3. You turn small issues around the house into stressful big deals

You know the phrase "don't sweat the small stuff?" That's not just for stressful situations that might arise at work or on your traffic commute. Your entire ceiling is leaking and falling? Yeah, that's a big deal. But small repair needs, permanent elements you hate and can't fix — learn to deal with them with an appropriate emotional response that doesn't lead to you being stressed out. Spending energy worrying about things (when you don't really need to worry) could be sapping your good vibes and leaving you mentally (and maybe even physically) exhausted.

4. You let clutter pile up

We know there's information to suggest that some creatives actually work better in environments with a little mess sprinkled around, but anyone who's felt the surge of motivation from walking into an organized, clean room knows that cluttered, messy rooms tend to drag down your energy more than make it surge. If there's any room in particular that tends to bring your energy down, try a declutter session.

5. You choose vegging over exercise, connecting with people or other active options

Work can be long and tough, as can running errands or corralling kiddos all day. The easiest — and often most appealing option — for many of us is to flop down in front of the TV and not think for awhile. And sometimes, that's just the perfect amount and type of relaxing needed to unwind after stress. But next time you're thinking about spending precious free time mindless, consider instead switching to a more energy-inducing activity, like connecting with others, going for a walk or even cleaning something.

What activities or habits around the house do you know sap your energy, so you try and avoid? What lessons have you learned about using your surroundings to affect your energy levels positively?

- Re-edited from a post originally published 9.21.2014 - CM

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