BreezeDry Drying Cabinets Give Longer Life to Clothes

BreezeDry Drying Cabinets Give Longer Life to Clothes

Range Govindan
Apr 23, 2010

As you probably already know, drying clothes in a dryer isn't always the best thing for delicate clothes. We tend to handwash certain delicate clothes, but if the ambient humidity is quite high, it takes them quite a bit of time to dry. Which is why we really like these new drying cabinets. They are gentle enough to dry your delicate clothing without damaging them.

Clothes that can't be dried are often beaded, sequined, fine delicates or lingerie. Outdoor drying isn't always possible and can cause fading. The BreezeDry drying cabinet is eco-friendly in the sense that it uses a lot less energy than a traditional dryer.

How does it work? You simply hang your clothes on racks and they dry in the cabinet. BreezeDry comes with a touchscreen to customize your drying options. It's filled with sensors and different programs to monitor humidity as well as selecting the perfect way to dry your clothes. That's pretty smart!

It can be built-in, which is an interesting option if you're thinking about incorporating it in a remodeled laundry room. This is where we're really impressed. According to the manufacturer, BreezeDry saves 90% of the energy consumed by traditional gas or electric dryers. Now that's a lot.

Obviously, there's got to be a reason why these drying cabinets aren't used that much and naturally, there is. It's the price. BreezeDry costs $4,000. I wonder how long it would take for it to pay itself off in energy savings. According to the Consumer Energy Center, the average tumble dryer costs $1,530 to operate over it's 18-year lifetime. This depends on the model, but counting on $85-130 per year is considered in the median. From the data that we've seen, it seems that it would take about 30-35 years for the BreezeDry to pay itself off with energy savings, compared to a traditional dryer. So until these drying cabinets become less expensive, they aren't worth upgrading unless you want the best in drying technology.

[via Appliancist]

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