Brian Greene of OfficeSupplyGeek

Brian Greene of OfficeSupplyGeek

Gregory Han
Dec 8, 2010

By day, Brian Greene works in the financial services industry. But come quittin' time, he's His blog and his column here at Lifework explore the world's office supplies (not the boring ones you find in a standard supply cabinet at work, of course—the cool stuff you can't usually convince your boss to buy). Take a listen at the music that fills his playlist.

What do you listen to while you work? When I'm working, I can listen to just about anything. I prefer music, but I'm also more than happy to listen to some talk radio as long as it involves baseball, politics, or finance.

How do you listen? I usually listen through a speaker system or through the computer and its speakers. I usually don't have anyone around me when I'm working, so I don't have to worry about distracting anyone.

Do you have any favorite music websites/providers? My XM Radio is by far my most preferred source for music. The depth and variety of what they provide far surpasses anything else out there. I've actually never even owned an iPod, nor do I care to. I've always found my XM to be worlds better than having to download and manage my own music library.

Does music influence your work? I usually try to find different music based on the type of work I know I'll be doing. If I am going to sit down and try to fix a technical issue on my website, or try and make some sort of enhancement to the site, I usually go for something on the fast or loud side like Rage Against the Machine. If I'm trying to write a blog post or other content, I tend to look for something a little more calm and slow like Norah Jones or Frank Sinatra.

Where do you find music recommendations? Again, I rely on my XM Radio for this. I get to hear a ton of new songs and artists just by listening, so it's a great source.

If your work was a song or a musician, what or who would it be? I would say if my work was a song, it would be In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly because much like the song, my work never seems to end, can get kind of confusing, but in the end, I find it really interesting and I like it.


Originally published at Lifework by Amy Feezor

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