Bring Crazy Color To Your Floors With Vinyl Tape

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A few years back, especially for those who don’t reside in New York city, Maxwell shared amazing photos of the floors at MOMA. This installation was done with vinyl tape and after the commotion settled we all sort of forget about it. Recently a similar installation has surfaced and has brought this treatment front and center again thanks to Kate Spade. Want to make the same thing at home?

This photo of the floor at Kate Spade in Palm Springs was snapped by Rebecca June and it’s single-handedly the most inspiring image we’ve seen in weeks. And for that my proverbial hat goes off to her! It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s balanced with a healthy dose of white, and best of all, it’s totally doable at home.

Over at Decor Hacks they picked up on Rebecca’s pretty photo find and beat us to the Googling. You can, in fact, make this look at home. The vinyl floor tape used is the same tape used to mark out foul lines on gym floors. It’s sold on a roll, just like masking tape. Once applied it will have some serious longevity and is worlds easier than marking off stripes to paint on your floor.

Narrow rolls start off at just a few bucks and larger ones increase in price but are far more affordable than paint and sealer! It could be fun to add a few accents or even tape off a rug! Don’t think you have to go over the top and if the floors scare you, try it on the walls!

See more of the Kate Spade floors at Rebecca June