Brisbane City Recycling: Dos and Don'ts

Brisbane City Recycling: Dos and Don'ts

Sarah Starkey
Mar 23, 2011

Recycling has such a big role to play in building a sustainable future and we all want to do our part, but it can get pretty confusing with different processes from country to country, state to state and sometimes even suburb to suburb! Which is why it pays to know what goes on at your local recycling centre. Here are some tips for Brisbane City recyclers and a few for recyclers everywhere.


Separate Your Rubbish: In Brisbane City you will have two possibly three bins per unit/household. Yellow lids for recyclables. Dark green/grey lids for non recyclables and Bright green lids for garden waste. Putting the wrong items in the wrong bins can lead to contamination so it's important to know what goes where.

Recycle In All Rooms: Recycling doesn't just happen in the kitchen a lot of our every day items in the bathroom, laundry and office are recyclable.

Take Lids Off Recyclables: Lids and containers are often made of different materials, separating them makes it easier to sort at the recycling station.

Clean Your Recyclables: Remove food scraps and if needed clean your recyclables. It manages smells in your home and makes things easier for the people on the sorting lines.

Recycle These Everyday Items
Paper: newspapers, magazines, envelopes (even with windows)
Cardboard: cereal boxes, milk and juice containers, clean pizza boxes, empty toilet rolls
Glass: bottles and jars
Metal: aluminium cans, empty aerosol cans, clean kitchen foil
Plastic: soft drink containers, takeaway containers, margarine and yoghurt tubs, milk containers.


Put Plastic Bags in Recycling: Plastic bags are not recyclable and sorters are not able to open plastic bags to sort the contents, so any recyclables in plastic bags go straight to landfill.

Put Food Scraps In Recycling: Food scraps in recycling means that otherwise recyclable materials go to landfill. You can recycle your food scraps at home in compost, worm farms or bokashi bins.

Recycle These Everyday Items
Paper: padded envelopes, tissue paper
Glass: drinking glasses, window glass, light bulbs, mirror glass
Metal: cutlery, white goods
Plastic: plastic bags, styrofoam, disposable nappies, bubble wrap

Click here for a more extensive list of Brisbane's recyclable and non recyclable items, and for more information on recycling in your city visit your local city council website.

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