British Bees Making Progress Against CCD

British Bees Making Progress Against CCD

Amber Byfield
Aug 25, 2010

We're fond of bees here at Re-Nest; they're great for keeping the flowers and fruits pollinated, and for keeping in the backyard (honey, anyone?). Well, if you'll remember, bees have faced an uncertain future with Colony Collapse Disorder. Well, good news may be on the horizon.

A new strain of bees may be resistant to the varroa mite, which is thought to be the key contributor to CCD. What makes these bees more resistant to the mites than their counterparts? These bees actually groom one another, removing the colony-collapsing mites from one another's bodies.

So don't worry, these aren't genetically modified bees; instead, they've learned a healthier trait and the beekeeper who's discovered this, Ron Hoskins, is hoping that these keen bees with mate with queens and spread the healthy trait throughout more colonies.

It's good news for the bee population, in any case. Read more at Treehugger.

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(Image: Flickr member aussiegal, licensed under Creative Commons)

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