Brooklyn Style?: NYMag Says Who’s Who

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We had dinner last night with a friend who was dumbfounded by this calendar item in “Brooklyn Design History” in the current issue of NYMag:

2000 – David Weeks and Lindsey Adelman launch Butter brand to showcase playful work from young Brooklyn designers.

A long time Brooklyn native, he had a hard time stomaching the carefully edited “timeline” and the elevation of a few players in what has been – if ever there was one – a group happening.

SO, ever looking for a good underdog story that will push as many buttons as possible (making it an excellent story), New York Mag leads off this week with BROOKLYNism, which proclaims the historical event of Brooklyn Style (see A Brief History of Brooklyn Design).

As annoying as this announcement will be to those who live there, Brooklyn has become an adjective, a shorthand for a certain style of living.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our take? Journalistic drama aside, as well as the glorification of a few, we say Go Brooklyn!

NYC needs the fresh breath of air and urgent creativity of these ex-pats just as much as the D&D building needs to be embalmed and put on display in the MET. And NYMag does a great job of rounding up a ton of design info, including pictures. We look forward to BklynDesigns this spring. For those of you who didn’t make the cut, read it and weep.


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And here’s all the rest: BROOKLYNism