Broomchick’s Organic Handcrafted Brooms

Rounding off The Handmade Home for Green Cleaning month are Broomchick’s handcrafted organic brooms. These gorgeous hand-bound brooms will clean your space literally and spiritually. They are made from sassafrass wood handles from the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and broomcorn fibres hand-harvested by the Amish in southern Illinios, making them a rare all-American made and sourced product.

All of the brooms offered by Samantha Pritchard (Broomchick) are created in a small Scheumack Broom Company workshop in Eugene, Oregon. Samantha moved into a loft next door to the workshop in 1998. Her friendship with owner Thurman Scheumack and her enchantment with the shop led to Thurman allowing her to join the team and teaching her the ancient art of broom-making. For the last ten years these brooms have been a primary source of income for Samantha and three others at the workshop.

They are a great testament to the value of old-world hand-crafting. I love the fact that no two are the same and love being able to source something practical that is made from organic materials grown on this continent. I love that Samantha’s inspiration comes from the idea of her customers including her hand-built brooms as part of their daily cleaning ritual. These are such a great value at prices ranging from $14 to $64. You can pick up your own organic broom from Samantha’s etsy shop, through, at the Eugene Holiday Market, from the Oregon Country Fair, and countless craft fairs along the west coast.

The broom shop philosophy:

In a day when “globalization” means an easy profit for those that have no conscience against the cost ……… In a day when “planned obsolescence” is a calculated business strategy ……. In a day when the individual craftsman is a dying breed in a culture that seeks the latest thing, at the cheapest price, knowing that tomorrow it will be outdated …….. or broken ………. our small business has not compromised. Okay, it’s a small thing. A broom. Some sticks, grass, and some woodcarvings. But “from simple things do great things grow.” From the Buddhist teachings of “Mindfulness”, and “Meaningful Work” we offer you our humble craft. Whether your need is simply the best and longest lasting broom you’ve ever had, a ritual piece for a sacred spot in your life, a ceremonial piece for your wedding or hand fasting, or a theatrical piece… this is the real thing.
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