Brownstoner Opens

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Brooklyn snoops. What do you do when you have just gotten married, become a father and bought an old brownstone in Brooklyn that you need to fix up? And amidst the deadening quiet of Brooklyn streets, you have impeccable design sense and can’t stand reading blogs and not being able to talk back?

Start your own.

The Brownstoner has done just that. Over “a few quiet days last week” he “threw together” his new blog, eponymously named “Brownstoner” – – which promises to give all a super scout out in the fields of Brooklyn real estate. Brownstoner combs real estate listings daily, keeps you up to date on the concerns and solutions of Brownstone Brooklynites, and will certainly keep him busy. Except not this weekend. His post for Friday says he is gone for a long weekend.

Long weekend! What long weekend?

We shall see how long it takes before he succumbs to addictive blogging……… (Thanks, J!) MGR