Brush Tiles by Braun Brush

Brush Tiles by Braun Brush

Regina Yunghans
Sep 13, 2007

Being architects, we often question a material's performance in rain, sun, freeze/thaw cycles. But we love it when we can cut loose and get completely creative with an interior finish material. These new Brush Tiles by Braun Brush are exactly the kind of boundary-breaking interior finishes that get us pumped.

More info from Braun: The product typically comes in 12" squares (other sizes are available) on either a plywood or a polycarbonate back. The plywood can be either natural or painted a specific color. The polycarbonate back is used in backlit installations. The fibers used in the brush tiles are extremely varied. For an entirely eco friendly natural product we use naturally grown fibers like tampico (similar in color to broom corn) and union fiber (speckled with yellow, reds and brown) on a natural colored birch plywood back. Also in the natural eco friendly family are brush tiles made with Argentinean Horse Mane hair (the horses are not harmed) on a black painted birch plywood back. These horse hair tiles are a beautiful natural brown and soft to the touch.

Braun Brush has been a traditional brush manufacturer for the last 135 years. Brush Tiles are new from Braun as a response to a market for high-texture finishes.

You can see from their description that this material can go from natural to techy in a heartbeat. This is an incredibly new product so there's no information available on the web site. We'll keep our eyes peeled in coming months and post more information as it's available on this creative new product.

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