Sleep Under the Milky Way in These Gorgeous Bubble Domes in Ireland

published Apr 15, 2018
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Have you ever gone camping? It is great, but sometimes it is a little too close to nature. Sleeping bags are not the best way to actually sleep. If you want to sleep outside, but not really be outside, bubble domes are the perfect way around that. Plus, these bubble domes in Northern Ireland come with a view that cannot be beaten.

Finn Lough is a one-of-a-kind experience. At Finn Lough, you can sleep under the Milky Way in glass bubble domes that give you a new look at the world.

The bubble domes are located in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. Sleeping at Finn Lough is the perfect way to experience the great Irish outdoors without the risk of getting poison ivy all over your legs and back. It is great for those of us who like looking at the outdoors, but don’t really enjoy being in it.

The bubble domes give a 180-degree view of the forest, with Scandinavian-inspired interiors. The domes can comfortably fit two people for an incredible night’s sleep.

The bubble domes were created by Dome Experience, who’s “quest was to bring guests closer to nature, away from the crowds, away from their screens and away from their everyday selves. We wanted to break down the boundaries a conventional room, whilst still maintaining a level of comfort and contemporary design.”

I’d gladly give up my phone for this experience. Though I would be a little sad I couldn’t post my nighttime view on Instagram. It would still be worth it though!

If you’re not interested in bubble domes, Finn Lough offers three other types of accommodations. You can sleep in a waterside cottage, a catered suite, or a lakeside lodge. There’s also a ton of activities accommodations as well, like fishing, a marina, a spa, water sports, walking trails, and indoor play.

Finn Lough also has a range of different experiences for their guests to book, from a bed and breakfast special in one of their suites overlooking a lake and a baby on board getaway, for expecting parents to have a little “babymoon” before their newborn arrives.