Budget Style: Pretty in Pink Shared Room for Under $250

Be still our vintage-loving hearts. It took Christine more than three years to finish this room for her twin daughters (giving birth to triplet sons will do that to you), but the results prove that taking the time to lovingly collect vintage treasures pays off in the end. And can you believe it? By Christina’s estimation, the entire room came in at under $250!

In the blog post in which she shows off her girls’ room, Christina is quick to say, “I must note that the ONLY way I could get the room to look this good without spending the money was because my Mom was my free and very good seamstress for most of the bedding.”

Using on-sale bedding from Wal-Mart and Ross, her mother whipped up the awesome duvets for $12.50 each. Other projects include the re-upholstered lucite chair and the wallpaper-effect “headboards” (made using inexpensive scrapbook paper).

And of course, we have to give massive kudos to Christina for her impressive chops in amassing so many amazing vintage finds: the mirrors over the beds, the ceramic side table, and the uber-retro-kitschy wicker armchair.

For more photos and the full story behind this lovely space, be sure to visit Christina’s blog, Full House.

(Images: Christina Brian)