Bugplug: Possibly the Cutest Energy Saving Device Ever

Bugplug: Possibly the Cutest Energy Saving Device Ever

As we become more and more aware of the large amounts of power that certain devices consume, we try to do a better job reminding ourselves to shut these devices down when not in use and even unplug them. When we saw this concept, we were struck by the simple idea behind the device and its unique look which is a combination of weird and cute.

Designed by Polish Ah&Oh Studio, Bugplug is a device that saves electricity by managing your electronic devices. A concept developed for the Greener Gadget Competition, Bugplug powers off your electronics when you are not in the room, removing the need to remember to shut down those power draining devices.

Bugplug works through built-in motion sensors on top of an antenna that detect your presence and turn all of the electronic devices in a room on as soon as you enter, and it powers them off when you leave. Bugplug also has a timer in its bellybutton which allows you to set the time interval for how long devices should stay powered on after you leave a room. Bugplug can disconnect power after 0-30 minutes in a motionless room.

We think this is an interesting concept and find the design to be fun. With its weirdly cute design, Bugplug might also be a great way to teach kids the importance of energy conservation.

What do you think of Bugplug? Useful or just another "greenwashing" product?

For more information, check out Bugplug.

[via The Design Blog]

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