Build Your Own Air Cooler

The record high temps that we have been experiencing this Summer have caused most of our mental energy to be devoted to thinking up ways to keep cool. When it comes to keeping cool we really need to get creative, since we are renters in an apartment that has only two small side by side windows, central AC or multiple window AC units are really not practical. We were pretty excited when we saw this DIY air cooling solution and became doubly thrilled that it could double as a heater, because as hot as our apartment gets in the Summer it gets to be just as cold in the Winter.

Using a couple of computer case fans, Instructables user Videokid842 has created a nifty little air cooler and heater.

This DIY project uses several parts, many of which you might have lying around from your last electronics DIY, and tools to make. The items that are needed can be found at your local electronics store or eBay.

We like the look of this nifty air cooler and think it would be quite helpful in our quest to keep cool this Summer. Come Winter we will use it at our desk to help keep our fingers warm enough to write our Unplggd posts!

Check out the post on Instructables, for the DIY instructions.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

[Images: Instructables user Videokid842]