Build Your Own Altoids Bike Speedometer

Build Your Own Altoids Bike Speedometer

Joelle Alcaidinho
Apr 25, 2011

Since it combines three things we are huge fans of, DIY, bikes, and Altoids, we could not help but post about this project. Spotted on Instructables, this DIY shows you how to make your own wireless Altoids bike speedometer powered by you guessed it, Arduino.

After Instructables user Alexdlp's trusty bike speedometer eventually stopped working completely, he decided that instead of simply replacing it with a similar ready made device, he would try something new and decided to create his own based on Arduino.

The resulting device works likes this, the 16x2 display provides the rider with feedback in terms of how fast they are currently traveling, as well as have a small bar graph on the top row to provide a visual representation of the data. In addition to being able to view your speed in real time on the bike, this nifty Arduino based device would also send the data (current speed, average speed, and distance) wirelessly back to base where the results can be logged and visualized on an moving graph.

The components needed for this project are: 2 Altoids tins, an Arduino ATMega 328, a 16x2 LCD HD44780, a form of sheet insulation (Card / Foam etc.), 5mm clear PVC tubing, 2 Xbee pro modules (U.FL antenna connector), 2 U.FL to RP-SMA pigtails, 2 Adafruit Industries Xbee adapter kits, 2 RP-SMA 2.4Ghz duck antenna, a USB type A to type B cable, a USB to Serial FTDI, a Cat5 cable, and a 1k Resistor.

We think the resulting speedometer is a very useful device and we wish we had the programming chops and soldering skills to make this project happen.

Check out the post on Instructables, for the DIY instructions.

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(Image: Instructables User Alexdlp licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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