You Can Build Your Own Grass-Covered Armchair With This DIY Kit

published Apr 15, 2018
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(Image credit: Nucleo)

Do you hate how Adirondack chairs feel? Maybe you enjoy putting your feet in the grass and leaning back to feel the sun on your skin. If this sounds like you, get your wallet out and grab some dirt. You can make your own grass-covered armchair and it is so easy!

DIY projects are so much fun, but often times they can be a lot of work. When a DIY project has 20 steps, it makes you reconsider whether it was worth doing it yourself or just having bought the product.

Don’t worry though, this TERRA DIY lawn chair isn’t one of those projects. In fact, you pretty much just need cardboard and dirt to get this one done. And the cool part of all of this? It was designed by artists!

The TERRA chair comes from the minds over at Nucleo, which is “a collective of artists and designers directed by Piergiorgio Robino based in Torino, Italy. Active in contemporary art, design and architectural fields.”

The Nucleo team started a Kickstarter campaign for this project, but now they sell them directly on their website.

(Image credit: Nucleo)

Nucleo wrote that the purpose of this project is, “The pleasure of TERRA! is not only found in its ‘functionality’. It is also found the in making of your own place to relax, growing a piece of nature, a place where we all can experience the peace.”

(Image credit: Nucleo)

People just need to assemble the cardboard frame after they’ve purchased TERRA. After that, clay is used as a base material, while the soil is piled on top and then finally, a thin layer of sand and seeds are sprinkled on the soil. If you water the chair daily, it should take about two months to grow your own lawn chair!

(Image credit: Nucleo)

You can buy these for the whole family, as Nucleo sells a cushion version of the chair for €123 (roughly $151.87 in USD) and a kids version for €173 (roughlly in $213.61 USD).