Try This: Build Your Room Like You Build Your Wardrobe

Try This: Build Your Room Like You Build Your Wardrobe

Jennifer Hunter
Mar 11, 2015

Putting together a room can seem daunting, especially when you're starting from scratch. But here's something you already know how to do: get dressed every day (you're practically a pro!). Why not use some of those same skills to outfit your room?

The foundation

Every look needs a good foundation, whether it's the lacy unmentionables on your bod or the paint color you pick for your wall. What you put on first will influence not only how you feel as you go about your day, but also what you subsequently choose to fill out your space. (Another fun game: look at someone's room and try to guess what kind of underwear they prefer.)

The workhorse

Now it's time to get practical. You need a layer that's multi-purpose and comfortable. It should be something that works with everything else you own, whether it's the jeans you throw on most days or the squishy sofa you sink into the minute you get home from work.

The complement

Once you have your works-with-everything workhorse, you need to complement it with a different style, texture or color. In your outfit, that may mean adding a silk shirt to those jeans to get dressy, or a tailored blazer to make them office appropriate. At home, a gleamy wood cabinet always provides a nice second note to an upholstered piece, or get modern with some polished metal or acrylic to round out the look. Make sure it's different but still works with your original item.

The essentials

Now that you have your body or room properly covered up, you need to think about what else you need in order to function. These days, a winter coat on top of everything is pretty essential. In your room, good lighting will make the rest of your choices seem like they were meant to be. Remember, these things aren't optional; they truly are essential.

The flash

Finally, what fun is life without a little flash? A sparkly necklace to catch the light, a cool knick knack to show off your personality. The flash is what people will notice first so don't neglect this layer. It will liven up every other part that you've worked so hard to assemble.

See? If you're wearing clothes right now, there's no reason you can't get your room in order, too.

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