Building a Beautiful Toolbox

Building a Beautiful Toolbox

Tess Wilson
Sep 27, 2010

The time has come to outfit myself with the proper tools for (very casual, renter-style) home repair. Though my handy cordless drill could never be considered pretty, I'm determined to find tools that are well-crafted, long-lasting and lovely to behold.

  • I always keep a tape measure in my bag, along with a notebook containing all key household measurements (window height, bedroom floor space) but the tacky bulky one I got at the dollar store was weighing me down. Just as I was getting annoyed with it, my friend presented me with this gorgeous, lightweight one from Arkay Workshop on 24th Street in San Francisco.
  • There are similarly lovely rosewood measuring tapes available through Spartan.
  • I received these Japanese Kershaw kitchen scissors for Christmas last year, and have used them every day since to prune plants, cut herbs and pizzas, trim flowers and branches, and soooo much more.
  • For more conventional scissor usage, this stainless steel pair from Canoe is surgical-precise and elegant.
  • I've long coveted this British, beech, 6-in-1 screwdriver set from Gravel & Gold. Time to start saving up for it!
  • This Saboten trowel from Flora Grubb in San Francisco is sharp and lightweight, and stylish to display along with my houseplants. I couldn't find an online source, but they are in-stock at Flora Grubb for $8.99 and $9.99.
  • If only I had the need and the budget for one of the gorgeous axes from Best Made Company in New York. You can even buy an ax sling, for crying out loud.
  • The only thing missing from my list is a nice hammer, but I couldn't seem to find any pretty, well-made examples. Of course, I don't really know very much about hammers...any advice? Any crucial tools I'm forgetting?

Images: Tools, Kitchen Scissors, Birch Measuring Tape, and Trowel by Tess Wilson, Rosewood Tape Measure- Spartan, Stainless Steel Scissors- Canoe, Screwdriver- Gravel & Gold, Ax- Best Made Co

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