Building Green on Montrose: Green Rehab From Day 1

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re constantly on the lookout for green inspiration … and we found some today in a green rehab project happening in South Philadelphia.

Emily and Christopher Stromberg are doing a completely green renovation on a 100-year-old row house — reusing as much of the original structure as possible, while adding the necessary green upgrades.

Here’s a snippet on the house from the local NBC station:

Some of the greener elements of the home are:

  • soy foam insulation

  • on demand water heater

  • high efficiency furnace

  • living roof

Still curious? For more information on the home’s green attributes, check out the Stromberg’s sustainable strategy.

Their blog, Building Green on Montrose, is an incredibly valuable resource for anyone considering making green improvements to their home. Seemingly every product they use is meticulously sourced. And you can follow the rehab project from Day 1.

Spend some time reading through their archives — we think you’ll be impressed.

(Thanks to SummerEllen for the tip!)