BuildingGreen: 2008 Top-10 Green Building Products

BuildingGreen: 2008 Top-10 Green Building Products

Recently BuilidingGreen, publisher of GreenSpec and Evironmental Building News, announced their choices for the 2008 Top-10 Green Building Products. Included in the list are products made from natural, renewable and/or recylable materials and several items that save energy and conserve resources. Many of the products have been featured on our website, so we agree with a lot of their choices – particularly the RainwaterHOG and Benjamin Moore Natura paint. But some of their picks are still new to us and we look forward to learning more about them in the future. Click through the jump to see the full list…

BuildingGreen 2008 Top-10 Green Building Products

1. Integrity Block
Integrity Block is a compacted-earth block used replacement for standard concrete masonry units (CMUs). The blocks are made from a proprietary soil mix that includes up to 60% pre-consumer recycled content, the portland cement content is approximately half that of standard block and Integrity uses 40% less energy to produce than standard CMUs.

2. Safe 'N Sound Emerald doors from Masonite
Low-VOC, FSC certified doors manufactured from pre-consumer recycled, rapidly renewable wheat straw/fiber and have no added urea-formaldehyde.

3. FSC-certified Plyboo Pure bamboo flooring from Smith & Fong
Plyboo is the first bamboo flooring to carry Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. Available under the brand name PlybooPure, the flooring is also made with low-emitting, non-formaldehyde polyisocyanurate binder.

4. Natura Paint from Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore's Natura line of zero-VOC paints and primers is available in flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss – goes on smooth and dries in about an hour.
While most zero-VOC paints use colorants containing as much as 150 grams per liter of VOCs, Natura uses Benjamin Moore's own Gennex zero-VOC colorants.

5. PolyWhey Floor Finish from Vermont Natural Coatings
PolyWhey is a waterborne wood finish that uses recycled whey protein, a by-product of the dairy industry, as a binder. Available for floor or furniture, these low-odor coatings contain no toxic heavy metals and have a VOC level less than 180 g/L. The cans are made from 100% pre-consumer recycled polypropylene.

6. O Ecotextiles Natural-Fiber Fabrics
O Ecotextiles produces is a collection of organic textiles that have been produced with careful attention to three critical factors: toxicity (both in the growing of the fibers and the production of the cloth), carbon footprint, and social justice. O Ecotextiles are made from 100% organic cotton or other sustainably grown fibers, including hemp, flax (linen), abaca, ramie, silk, and bamboo. The textiles are produced in living-wage environments.

7. Matrix Total Home System from NTI
NTI's Matrix is an integrated appliance that combines a gas-fired condensing boiler and furnace, condensing demand water heater, and heat-recovery ventilator into a single unit, and it is pre-configured for air conditioning. According to NTI, the Matrix's advanced heat exchanger is capable of reducing gas consumption by 30% compared with a conventional system.

img alt="12-05-2008solar.jpg" src="" width="540" height="324" class="mt-image-center" />8. SunCache solar water heating system from Harpiris Energy
The SunCache integral-collector-storage (ICS) solar water heater uses a roof-mounted, water-filled, unpressurized, polyethylene panel and copper heat exchanger to pre-heat water for domestic use. When a hot-water tap is turned on, cold water from the supply line flows through copper heat exchanger embedded in the panel, extracting heat from the stored water. SunCache is affordable and easy to install, making it appropriate for both professional and do-it-yourself installations. The water heater is designed for warm climates and is not intended for use in cold climates.

9. Agilewaves Resource Monitor
Agilewaves Resource Monitor provides residential and commercial building owners with real-time data on electricity, gas, and water consumption. This system can be accessed via the Internet, providing monitoring data from circuits, rooms, water lines, and appliances. Agilewaves can also track, store, and analyze temperature, humidity, air quality, output from PV and solar water-heating systems, utility costs, and carbon footprint information.

10. Rainwater H2OG storage tanks
The Rainwater HOG is a modular rainwater storage tank for use in tight spaces such as under decks, against houses, or even within walls. Two versions are available: a potable water tank made from virgin food-grade polyethylene and a non-food-grade tank made with 15% recycled content. Each module holds 50 gallons of water that can be used for gardening, irrigation, toilets, laundry, or (with the food-grade tank and after proper filtration) potable water.


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