Bundle Shows You What Others Spend

Bundle Shows You What Others Spend

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 16, 2010

In our home, we have a small problem. We would much rather have great ingredients for fabulous food and spend a few more dollars on making our place look great than entertainment or shopping sprees. With that in mind, we were totally curious to see what other people in our area were spending their hard earned cash on.

Over at Bundle.com you can plug in your city and state and it will bring up the monthly expenditures for your surrounding areas. We flipped through a few major cites across the country and the totals varied quite a bit.

Though some might find it creepy to spy on our neighbors spending habits, we actually think it's a natural step in wanting to get ahead and be on top of money in your pocket and in your area. Even if you're not into checking into how much moolah your neighbors are spending on eating out when they should be fixing up their front yards, we do think it might be a helpful resource for those looking to move into a new area.

Here's a short insight to how they work:

The most recent month we could pull up was October, but that's still only a short delay in time if you're truly trying to get a sense for cost of living in a new space. Sure you can check Craigslist to see what Apartments and Housing list at, but will you really know that your cost of groceries might double upon moving somewhere new? It could be an interesting idea to keep an eye on going forward!

(via: The Consumerist)
(Image: Bundle)

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