Bunnies and Squirrels: Lessons in Shoe Tying

With all that Velcro out there, it seems shoe tying skills could be on their way out. But there are other reasons to help your child learn this skill; it’s knot-tying 101, from putting on an apron to wrapping a present, it’s a must-have life skill. Not to mention there are still some pretty nice shoes out there with laces. Our little guy resisted the idea of taking any lessons on the topic, so we had a little fun making his “practice shoe” together first.

Cardboard shoe
1. Trace your little one’s foot on a piece of cardboard
2. Cut out the tracing
3. Gather your shoe decorating supplies
4-5. We chose a no-mess method of decorating with various colors of masking and electricians tape we had around
6. Poke holes and lace it up. Now it’s time to tie the knot!

The Bunny Ear Method
1. Make the bunny’s head by crossing the laces and doing a simple single knot
2. Make bunny ears (bunny ears)
3. Cross bunny ears, carefully leaving a hole at the base
4. Take the back ear, bring it forward, and slip it through the hole at the base
5. Pull both ears tightly

The Squirrel in the Tree Method
1. Start with doing a single knot, calling the tree roots. Make a tree, a long loop
2. Grab the squirrel, the other lace, and make it run around to the back of the tree and jump into the hole
3. Grab onto the tail, while still holding onto the tree
4. Pull on both the tail and the tree until tight