Bureau of Sanitation Service Request

Bureau of Sanitation Service Request

Gregory Han
Sep 6, 2007

A group of neighbors have been in the process of moving out from the unit in the back of our building, and in inconsiderate fashion, dumping all their trash and furniture in large piles outside on our curb. The very same inconsiderate bunch that would have raucous parties on Tuesday nights till 4-5am too regularly.

I discovered the three people living in the back were all Cirque du Soleil acrobats, now thankfully moving onto their next show destination. I also discovered they have horrible taste in furnishings, from the look of the assortment of rubbish they left out, which began innocuously as a small pile of curios into an overflow of ratty chairs, soiled mattresses, a dresser and an unusual amount of dirty socks.

When I cornered one of the departing neighbors and inquired about the garbage, they feigned concerned ignorance (I knew because of the mime-like furrowed brow of worry on her face). This, despite the fact that I had seen them trying to sell the very same stuff at a yard sale a few weeks back. I kindly asked them to call the Bureau of Sanitation and arrange for bulky item pickup, explaining the city would pick up their rat's nest of items, instead of letting it fester in front of our apartment building.

But in a short moment, I knew although my departing neighbor was nodding in agreement, she had no real intention of calling, perhaps too busy dreaming of trapezing to the whimsical European tunes of their current show than to worry about something as mundane as basic sanitation. So Sunday afternoon, I logged onto the LA Bureau of Sanitation Service Request Form site, and arranged for pickup of Cirque du Garbage that was stinking up the front of our place. Lo and behold, the very next Monday morning, a trash truck was out front loading all the refuse to haul away. You can also arrange for a new garbage container, the clearing of brush items, removal of household appliances, and additional trash pickup. So next time you see some abandoned furniture or large item nearby, you can be just a few pulldown menus and filled out lines away from having it cleaned! And next time you see Cirque du Soleil acrobats, hold your nose.

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