Burglars Begone: Beef Up Your Home Security This Summer

Burglars Begone: Beef Up Your Home Security This Summer

Jennifer Hunter
May 24, 2015

It's travel time, every burglar's favorite season. You know to lock your windows and doors, but did you remember to do these things to keep your home secure while you're away?

Don't advertise that you'll be away

You know what burglars love? When someone tells them exactly when they will be away from home. It makes their job (stealing) so much easier! Don't be the sucker that tells the world — or their Facebook and Twitter followers — that they're off on vacation for two whole weeks!

Use Technology

There are so many great ways that you can keep an eye on your home even when you're not there. Camera technology has not only improved but gotten cheaper in the last several years. A portable motion-activated camera could be worth its weight in gold should you need to see what's going on at home (or outside your home). Even easier? Use a motion activated light in your yard to scare off lurkers or put a few lights on a timer inside so it looks like someone is around, switching them on and off.

Don't forget about your patio or balcony

You already know to secure your street-level doors and windows but don't forget a low patio or balcony could serve as another possible entrance for thieves. Climbing a railing is easy! Make sure the windows and doors that lead out to that area are extra secure as well.

Enlist your neighbors

The best security system for you home? People! No thief wants to risk robbing a house that looks well looked after so ask a close neighbor to do you a solid and drop by once in a while while you're gone to pick up your newspaper (the surest sign that no one is home is a week's worth of papers on the porch) and just take a look around to make sure everything is a-okay.

Tell us, what has helped you keep your home safe?

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