Bust Out That Turntable: LPs Slowly Make a Comeback

Bust Out That Turntable: LPs Slowly Make a Comeback

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 29, 2009

While most of us out there have done away with your turntable years ago when CDs became the "killer tech," there are some who still decided it might still be worthwhile to keep the old hunk of junk around for another decade or so. For whatever reason you may have held onto your old turntable, now seems like the best time to take it out as sales of vinyl LPs have been seen increasing up to 89% over the past few years, and artists like U2 and Neil Young continuing to push that trend even further with new release available exclusively on vinyls...

The reason for this boom in LP sales and turntable love? To be quite frank, we're not too sure. However, the increased sales have led to trendy stores to pop up all over the place (kind of like the yogurt craze over the past few years). Or perhaps people are just growing fed up of the RIAA's attempts to shaft them in every which way when it comes to digital distribution.

Either way, we love our small collection of LPs in our bedside milk crate and are considering our vinyl digs up once again at our local thrift store. So, who's in?

(Image: LookingSmug's 365 Project)

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