Bust Your Budget for These 5 Splurge-Worthy Items

Bust Your Budget for These 5 Splurge-Worthy Items

Jennifer Hunter
Aug 11, 2016
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Even if you're on a budget (who isn't?), there are certain times when it just makes sense to splurge when shopping for your home. Anchoring your decor with a few high-quality items will make everything else look better. Plus, those pricey items will last longer than their cheap counterparts that need to be frequently replaced, saving you cash in the long run. So when should you shell out the big bucks? Read on.

1. Mattress —We spend roughly 1/3 of our lives sleeping (if we're lucky) and that time needs to be as comfortable and restorative as possible. While a high price doesn't necessarily ensure higher quality, it's so important to spend your sleeping hours on the best mattress for your body, not the cheapest one you can find. Invest the time to do your research, and the money for the right model.

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2. Sofa — Where do you lounge when not in bed? The sofa! From movie marathons, couch surfers, and everyday life, your sofa sees a lot of traffic. Spend here so that your sofa will hold up to all that wear and tear (and look pretty while doing it).

3. Art you love — When you find art that speaks to you, snap it up; it'll not only become the focal point of your current place, it will travel with you from home to home. A special piece of art will last a lifetime, becoming more emotionally layered as it lives with you. Totally worth the splurge.

4. Paint — The biggest factor in your painting success? The paint itself. High quality paint will go on smoother and cover better, which means fewer coats (less work for you and less paint to buy) and more professional-looking results. Don't automatically reach for the cheapest can on the shelf; there are plenty of great, mid-priced options available that will give you much more bang for your buck.

5. Organizational tools —In the fight against clutter, make sure to arm yourself with good tools, even if they cost a little more. You need cabinets, bins and boxes that are well-designed so they're easy to use and attractive enough to display, so you'll keep up the system you've set in place.

So, tell us. What do you buy, budget-be-damned?

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