But It's a Bargain! Tips and Tricks for Not Buying What You Don't Need

But It's a Bargain! Tips and Tricks for Not Buying What You Don't Need

Kim Lucian
Mar 17, 2014
(Image credit: Kim Lucian)

There are few things as alluring as a deal. My inbox overflows with them: advertisements from retailers I frequent, flash sale sites, and group deals. And more often then not, I click through, just to see if there is something I might need.

The reality is that if there is something I really do I need, I will seek it out. Avoiding the constant temptation of bargains on things that will just sit around and add to the clutter starts with assessing what you are buying and why you are buying it before deciding that it really is a deal. Here are some of our best tips for cutting down on 'bargain' purchases that you'll regret later.

1. Avoid high pressure sales tactics. Short term deals create a sense of urgency that can cause you to make purchases that you might regret later.

2. Keep a list (literally or figuratively) of items that you purchase frequently or you are looking to purchase. If it's not on the list, reassess if you actually need it.

3. Avoid impulse buys. Just like in the checkout line at the grocery store, it can be tempting to click around a website and add things to your cart, especially when sales are prominently displayed at the top of the page. Websites that show you similar items and what others have purchased can compound this temptation.

4. Check the measurements and read the product info and reviews. It can be easy to skim the product description when a deal seems too good to be true. Read the pertinent info and be sure of what you are purchasing before clicking buy.

5. Eliminate temptation. Cutting back on the number of advertisements that make their way into your inbox, unsubscribing, or consolidating emails can help keep things in check. I'm personally a big fan of unroll.me, which allows me to consolidate and review deals at a glance.

What are your tips for making smart buys?

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