"Buy Local" Campaigns Actually Work Really Well

"Buy Local" Campaigns Actually Work Really Well

Landis Carey
Jan 28, 2011

"We've all seen the T-shirt: "Think globally, act locally." It's mildly inspirational, sure, but does it change anything? Actually, yes. Yes it does. For the fourth year in a row, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a nonprofit research organization, found that independent businesses in cities with an active "buy local" campaign fared significantly better than those in cities without a push for localism," reports Good. How? Why?

"What all this amounts to is something called the "local multiplier effect." That is, spending your money at independent businesses begins a cycle in which those businesses then spend their money at local shops, and so on," writes Good.

In comparison, large national stores, distribute and pay profits and taxes throughout their supply chain and the state in which they are incorporated, which is absolutely fine—this system provides jobs and also income to the government—but it does not keep your dollars flowing in your community.

When you buy locally, you can support community businesses you believe in as you get to know the shop owners and discover a shared value system. This connection is invaluable.

Read the full article and research behind the findings at Good.

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