Buy vs. Build?: That is the Question

Buy vs. Build?: That is the Question

Alysha Findley
Apr 27, 2012

Building a green prefab has been my dream for many years, and now that I am finally ready to purchase my very first home that little voice inside my head keeps nagging me about it...

When green prefab news first started popping up in the design community I just looked and listened with awe and thought, "maybe someday." Then, as more builders got into the industry and it started to become a little more streamlined, my "maybe someday" felt like an affirmation more than a pipe dream. But nonetheless I was not in a position to start house hunting at the time, so I just put the idea on the back burner.

Jump to a few years later and I am finally ready to begin looking for my first home. As I have begun the house hunting process I've learned what you can buy in a metropolitan city with my budget, and it makes me want to keep renting.

One day, as I needed a break from my traditional search, I searched for green prefab home builders in Seattle. As I started snooping around, to my surprise, it seemed like the cost of building my dream home was less than the craptastic fixer-uppers I had been considering. I met with the builders and the once far-fetched dream seemed like it could actually be a possibility. I have met with a land realtor and have been moving forward to see what this will really entail, but all the while still looking at fixer-uppers.

I think that being a first-timer the idea of building a home, even if it's not in the traditional way, just scares me to the point that I'm afraid to take the leap. It helps that it's a prefab and there's a lot less risk with extra costs and contracting issues, since it is all pre-packaged and done in-house. I just need to make sure that the project stays within the budget. The only thing worse than paying a bunch of money for a house I don't totally love is to have an empty lot with no house and no money. I'll keep you posted as the decision unfolds.

Have any of you taken that leap of faith to build your dream? How did it turn out for you?

(Images: Left: Are You the Fixer-Upper Type?, Right: Modern Prefab Homeowners Dish on Their Digs)

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