Buy—Don't Rent—Cable Accessories to Save Cash

Buy—Don't Rent—Cable Accessories to Save Cash

Taryn Williford
Apr 9, 2010

We just moved, and for the first time possibly ever, we were completely prepared. It's amazing what a little planning and forethought will do. Boxes were labeled, the fridge was stocked with necessities, and we're on our way to saving tons of dough by buying our own cable modem online instead of renting from the cable provider (And it turns out there's a few more digital charges we can avoid getting stuck with!)

If you're getting your cable and internet service from one of the big providers, you might be paying a per-month charge to rent each cable box or cable modem.

Drop those extra fees by buying boxes of your own:

If you're stuck to cable, you can purchase a digital cable box in good condition online for about $30 and the cable modem will cost you another $25. It will take all of 6 months to recoup the cost.

Over at Live Cheap, they've detailed exactly how much money you could save on your digital services by being proactive and mostly observant. That cable box trick could save you up to $130 annually. But it turns out if you took a second to actually flip through all the attached pages on your e-bill, you might see some other charges you could drop.

For instance, "free" voice lines that are sometimes bundled with cable and internet packages aren't always free. If you don't want to pay the "Federal Subscriber Line Charge" of up to $6.50/month, don't bundle up a landline if you don't need it.

Check out more money-saving tips at Live Cheap.

Via The Consumerist

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