8 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Home With Wildfire Risks

published Sep 17, 2019
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Credit: Johnér/living4media

With climate change increasing the risk of wildfires, more homes are at risk than before—which means that there’s a higher likelihood that the home you have your eye on is in a wildfire zone. Before you make an offer, be sure to ask these questions to ensure your (and your home’s) safety:

  • What is the city doing to prevent and mitigate wildfires?
  • Does the city have an evacuation plan?
  • What’s the air quality? How many days a year does the city have poor air quality?
  • Are there regulations about defensible space around the home or the types of roofs you can have?
  • Is it built with fire resistant materials?
  • How are the neighboring houses built?
  • What’s the surrounding landscape like? Is there a lot of brush in the yard? Old growth?
  • Will your homeowner’s insurance cover damage from a wildfire? What about smoke or ash damage?

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