Bye Bye Mice: Black &amp Decker Electronic Pest Repellers

Bye Bye Mice: Black &amp Decker Electronic Pest Repellers

Product: Black & Decker Electronic Pest Repellers
Price: $29.99
Rating: Strong Recommend
It's no secret that we are not a fan of pests. Lately we have been combing our archives trying to find ways to deal with the sudden influx of mice and roaches. After trying a few things we have finally discovered a solution that we are a huge fan of, the electronic pest repeller. We put the electronic pest repeller to the test and we're here to share the results.

The design of the pest repeller is simple and clunky, most definitely not the most elegant device that has ever graced our walls. Each repeller is small and has a polarized plug and an additional outlet built into the side of the device. The package came with a total of 5 repellers, 3 small and two large. The small repeller is built is for a medium sized room and the large for a large sized room. Sadly, these only work indoors.

We were initially skeptical that these small devices could rid us of the annoying pests that have made our living room and kitchen their highway. No messy traps? No chemicals? These devices use ultrasonic waves that are nearly silent to humans and most animals, but disrupt pests nervous systems. We had tried almost everything we could think of, but thanks to construction of the second avenue subway, our apartment had new visitors that would just not take the hint to vacate. For the small price of $6 dollars each we figured it was not a bad investment to make in trying to get rid of our pesky visitors.

We installed 3 repellers in various spots in our 600 square foot apartment. To install you plug the device into an outlet. The small red light on the front of the device lets you know that it is on. We started noticing a difference during the first week. Typically we saw at least one mouse a day, and at least one roach, however we have not seen any of our little friends since installing the pest repellers. It's been about two weeks and still no sign of our little friends. For the sake of the review we discontinued all other pest control means with the exception of a slight amount of borax near the door.

The repellers make no sound that we are aware of and do not emit an odor. While they are not the most beautiful things to look at, we don't really care, because roaches are far less nice to look at. One of the repellers has a built in night light which is handy and makes it look less awkward sitting in an outlet.

- cheap
- relatively small design
- easy to install
- gets rid of mice, spiders, and cockroaches
- nearly silent to humans and most animals

- not a terribly attractive design
- if not used on the bottom, blocks an additional socket
- red light does not turn off
- bad idea if you have a tarantula, mice, hamsters, or gerbils as pets

The Bottom Line (& Who Should Buy):
For the price these little repellers cannot be beat, although to be honest we would still buy them even if they cost twice as much. Nothing has worked as well as these have in getting rid of pests. We strongly reccomend these devices if you have any issues with pests and have empty electrical outlets.

Our Ratings:
Strong Recommend*
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