C-Wonder & Tory Burch Squabble. We Gawk. You Decide.

C-Wonder & Tory Burch Squabble. We Gawk. You Decide.

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 17, 2012

Going around our office this week is this fascinating, in depth article in NYMag about the Chris and Tory Burch's creative, inspirational and acrimonious divorce, which now seems to pit C-Wonder against Tory Burch's brand.

As homie folks, we've been getting to know C-Wonder well (it's right around the corner from our office), and have been impressed in its ability to make people smile with their bright colors and low prices. Whether any of it is necessary is another question altogether.

The article centers around how similar the styling of C-Wonder and Tory Burch's brands are:

To Chris Burch, C. Wonder is the realization of a long-held dream to provide low-to-mid-price retail in a luxury setting. To Tory Burch, he might as well have erected a giant lacquered middle finger in the front window, directly facing the orange-lacquered doors of her eponymous store a few blocks away."

The real story here, in my mind, is less about ripping one another off, and much more about how seemingly EZ it has been for Chris Burch to build these brands. In a day and age when people struggle for years and years to try and build a successful retail brand (and few succeed) the Burch success rate seems remarkable.

Combining deep knowledge of low priced Chinese manufacture (The Burches are not saving the planet), marketing savvy and plenty of money to get their point across, their companies seem to have sprouted up as quickly as a dry sponge when water is added - and kept going. The story is a must read.

>> His. Hers. - New York Mag

(image: top - Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photos/New York Magazine; Joe Schildhorn/BFANYC.com, bottom - Jeffrey Kilmer/Courtesy of C. Wonder)

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