The Stylish Bag For Women On The Move

published Nov 15, 2016
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Maxwell's Daily Find: Bartaile Backpack

I was so excited when Amina from Bartaile emailed to tell me about the new C12 bag that she and her co-founder Felicia launched just a few months ago. Bartaile began when these two asked themselves…why is there no such thing as a laptop bag for women? Like, one that is actually designed for women? They didn’t find one they liked — so they made one themselves. Watch my snap above and read on to learn more about this great new company.

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“Our namesake is the bar-tailed godwit, a stout, unassuming bird, mottled in a dull grey brown. It is the boldest animal we know. The bird flies 7,000 miles in 8 days, from Alaska to New Zealand, without a single pause. That’s no water, no sleep and no rest. Unstoppable. This bird’s boundless and directed journey inspired us to create Bartaile.”

Amina and Felicia are two globetrotters who met in college and reunited ten years later to pursue their respective MBAs and swap travel stories. It was then that they were both disappointed by broken suitcases and sore shoulders from toting badly-designed bags — and thus the idea for Bartaile was born.

Bartaile calls itself “a lifestyle brand for people going places” and that thought is totally embodied in this C12 bag — it is functional, durable, and chic. It’s made of gorgeous Nappa leather and is sturdy while still remaining lightweight. It feels truly comfortable when worn backpack style; though it can also be easily made into a tote bag or a messenger with a simple strap adjustment. The straps are also entirely detachable for the traditional laptop bag look.

The C12 is the first product from Bartaile (created with the collaboration of a fashion designer, industrial designer, and tons of user feedback) and I can’t wait to see what they create next.

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