This Video of People Cutting Cake with Wine Glasses Is Actually, Maybe Kind of Brilliant?

published May 12, 2024
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Red velvet slice of cake
Credit: Toonz Jirana | Shutterstock

As everyone sits at home imagining what life will be like once we can again gather and share joy at birthdays, weddings, and other events that need cake (or, as I like to call them, “normal Saturday nights”), many thoughts turn to how the new focus on safety might translate into changes in tradition. For some people that might mean adding a sort of silly-looking plastic cake protector to the party supplies, but for others (like filmmaker Nancy Meyers, who shared this video on Instagram) it just means a little creative rethinking of how the cake gets served: forget the knife, they’ve got wine glasses.

A video that’s been making the rounds on social media shows how it’s done: a group gathers around a red and white frosted cake and each person, one by one, carves off a piece from the edge of the cake by pressing their wine glass straight down — not only making the slice — but trapping the cake itself inside the glass. When each person has their serving — no passing of plates through multiple hands or messy knives — they toast in the center. 

Like so many viral food videos, it provides a solution to a problem minor enough that it didn’t necessarily need to be fixed in such an outrageously absurd way that it ends up being a little bit ingenious. After all, serving cake in wine glasses does seem ridiculously extra in the kind of way that is fun — especially because it doesn’t require buying anything new or adding more work for the host. 

As an added bonus, if anyone in the group happens to be one of those “I don’t like the frosting” people, they can just wait until all the outside edges are gone and cut themselves a slice made entirely of the insides! Brilliant.

This post originally appeared on The Kitchn. See it there: This Video of People Cutting Cake with Wine Glasses Is Actually, Maybe Kind of Brilliant?