Call for Entries: If I can do it….

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A challenge from Maxwell in yesterday’s comments had me taking a quick snap of my closet this morning. Now my closets are not what you’d call Hot, but I’m happy to jump in and show off my (dis) organization skills.

This closet is home to my art, sewing and knitting supplies, camera equipment, extra linens and paperwork we need to hang on to. The archives of my son’s (he’s 8) drawings and artwork (family treasure) are in there too.

There is a silver Metro shelving unit from our old next door neighbor – they gave it to us when they moved. I adjusted the shelf height to accomodate specific items (the very narrow space near the top holds a knitting machine).

My husband installed two extra white elfa shelves at the very top to take advantage of the ceiling height in the closet.The wooden organizers on the first shelf are a wine box from Sam’s Wines (free) and magazine files ($2.99) from IKEA.

The very highest shelf is filled with clear zip top vinyl pouches that I buy at the Container Store ($3.99). They are great. I start one each year and fill it with all the things my son makes during that year (he loves to draw so it gets filled up). I love that there is a place to put them away once we’re through admiring them, and it is creating a sort of time capsule of these years at the same time.

Ok, that was fun, NOW you can do this. Heather? Maxwell? Dear readers?
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