Call for Entries: AT:SF’s Greenest Thumb Contest

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What makes a thumb *the greenest*?

The power to conjure dense plantings from a layer of clay?

The ability to grow organic veggies from just seeds and sweat?

The skill to compose a window box that stops passers-by in their tracks?

Keen intuition about the perfect placement for the garden gnome?

Earlier this week we mentioned that as part of our upcoming June theme, *gardening*, we’d be hosting AT-SF’s first ever contest: the Greenest Thumb.

And we can’t tell you makes a winner just yet, but we suspect it will have something to do with creativity. And we’ll know it when we see it.

So if your garden is no smaller than a window box and no bigger than 600 square feet, AND it’s your very own labor of love, send in your pics. Details after the jump.

To enter, send us the following:

&bull from 1 – 3 pics
&bull your name
&bull your location
&bull the size of your garden
&bull your pitch, which should be no longer than 200 words

Deadline is June 5, which is a week from this coming Monday. Take your snaps over this long weekend if you’re around. And check back in next week to hear about the prize!

(pic from ozoneasylum)