Calling All Apartment Cats: Create And Share Your Own LOL Cat

Calling All Apartment Cats: Create And Share Your Own LOL Cat

Sean Rioux
Aug 31, 2012

I'll admit it; I love cats. Who doesn't really? Nothing brightens up a home like a cat. Whether it's waking you up in the morning by sitting on your head, or running around like a maniac chasing invisible mice, or somehow managing to find that one ray of light streaming in through your window to take a nap in the sun (who does that?), cats really are lovable.

I've had a stressful week. The Internet has been down at my apartment and I'm staying with family so I can keep up with work, and on top of that I just picked up a very time intensive new telecommute contract. Frankly I could use a break, and I bet you could too. Let's take some time this Friday afternoon to create and share our very own lol cat, to celebrate cats… on the internet.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the meme — maybe you're new to the internet — lol cats (lol standing for laugh out loud) are images, generally posted to the web, of cats doing adorable or ridiculous things with an accompanying caption. The caption generally expresses what the cat might be thinking in the photo and is usually presented in the Impact Bold font in white, with a thin black line around the text. Here's how you can create your own.

Take a photo...of a cat!
There are a couple different ways to create your very own lol cat, but first we'll need two things; a cat, and camera to capture said cat being amazing. Though it's pretty easy to capture a cat in a ridiculous pose, I find the best way to capture the cat in a look of surprise is to use a direct flash. Lol cats aren't really about creating photographic masterpieces, so really any old cellphone camera will do (frankly you kind of want the photo to look a bit haphazardly composed).

Once you have your photo, you'll need to think of a caption. My kitten friend Buster seems to enjoy disrupting my work by climbing on my Macbook while I'm working. I like to imagine that he secretly wishes he could contribute an article to Apartment Therapy about the nice warm sunny patches in our apartment, or how he dislikes noisy vacuum cleaners. Of course we'll need to translate our caption into the language of the internets using this handy translator.

Add a caption!

Now that I have a caption, it's time to put everything together. If you're a Photoshop wizard this is pretty easy to pull off. Import your photo of choice, paste in your caption with Impact Bold (or Arial Bold) in white, add a black outline (Layer > Layer Style > Stroke), and save for web. Of course, thanks to the power of the internet this isn't your only option.

I Can Has Cheeseburger, widely considered to be THE central repository for all things lol cat on the web, has this online lol cat creator tool. Simply upload your photo and type in your caption, and voila! An instant lol cat for sharing your love of cats around the web. While you're there, consider submitting your custom lol cat with the community on I Can Has Cheeseburger, and if you're lucky perhaps your cat might become a minor internet celebrity for the day (as if they need the extra attention).

If you happen to join me in spending Friday afternoon whipping up some lol cats, feel free to share your creations in the comments below.

(Images: Sean Rioux)

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