Calvin Klein Does Not Go Gently Into That Good Night

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you remember Marky Mark’s abs in underwear? Or maybe you didn’t realize that Calvin Klein’s glorious career started almost 25 years ago, pre AIDS, and that he created a celebratory, homosexual style par excellence that infiltrated deep down into the very pores of our culture. As Guy Trebay writes in Calvin Klein Introduces 400 to His Piece of Heaven (NYTimes),

It is likely that America might eventually have gotten around to a taste for buffed bodies, depilation, white lilies, spare interiors and designer underwear if there had never been a Fire Island Pines circa 1981. But getting there would have taken much longer.

It’s worth the read. Just days after Calvin threw a huge housewarming for his monster mansion (Elysium) in Southampton, Trebay makes it clear that this party is a send off, not a celebration. We think he is right. Much as we love the minimalism and attention to detail that Calvin Klein brought to the home, that time is over. His housewares and interiors have shown nothing new and exciting for years. The mantle is up for grabs. Will it be a woman or a man? Will he/she be straight or gay? Only time will tell… MGR