Campaign Signs In and Around the Home

Campaign Signs In and Around the Home

Sarah Han
Oct 17, 2008

In September, Grace at AT:LA brought up how campaign yard signs have caused controversy in some people's neighborhoods. With this year's election day less than 20 days away, we've noticed an ever-growing number of posters and signs in people's front windows. Being in San Francisco, it's not suprising that most of the signs endorse Barack Obama, but we wondered if the total lack of McCain posters in our area merely reflects the political leanings of its residents, or something more...

Back in 2004, we had a friend who fought a war with his own father on the front lawn of their home which manifested in dueling campaign signs that they put up and took down over the course of the year leading up to the election. Four years later, resentment between father and son still exists, which shows how these signs mean so much more than just names on a piece of cardboard -- they can represent the core ideals and beliefs of a person.
We're pretty sure there are McCain supporters in San Francisco, but we started to wonder if they might feel outnumbered and could worry about being targeted, discriminated against, or have other types of negative reactions cast upon them by their neighbors if they showed their support with a yard or window sign. On the other side of the coin, would Obama supporters in a mostly McCain neighborhood be as publicly supportive of their candidate, with the same concerns of backlash in mind?
AT readers: What are your thoughts and experiences on the topic?

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