Can I Recycle My Old Mattress?

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Q: Do you know if you can recycle a mattress? What do people do with an old mattress in New York City? I am moving in with my boyfriend and I have a very old mattress/box spring I don’t need/want. Thought it might be something other people might like to know as well.

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Editor: AK, the first thing we did when we read your question is to go to see what they had to say. And, unfortunately, only one thing came up when we asked where in NYC to recycle mattresses… the Salvation Army. And that’s only if your mattress is still in fine condition. There are mattress recycling facilities in other parts of the country (most notably in Oakland, California where the DR3 Mattress Recycling program—founded by the Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Oregon— receives and processes more than 500 used mattresses every day), but in New York our options are slim. The closest mattress recycling program we could find is Conigliaro Industries in Framingham, MA. You might also try to list it on Freecycle in hopes that someone might want to disassemble it for parts. Most home-furnishing stores or mattress outlets will take your old mattress, but that’s usually only if you buy a new one from them (and there’s no guarantee they won’t end up dumping it themselves, so ask first). They might recycle it for parts, though, so it’s worth checking out.

Check out this post on AT:DC for more mattress recycling info, as well as these links, which we thought had a lot of helpful information:

Any readers know of other NYC resources for recycling old mattresses?

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