How Can I Reuse My Cell Phone SIM In My iPad?

How Can I Reuse My Cell Phone SIM In My iPad?

Gregory Han
Aug 8, 2011

Q: I've recently purchased a iPad 3G and it has quickly become my favorite tech device, since I can take it all around the house, to class and even to my job for lunch break reading hour. In other words, I take it everywhere! I've heard you can use an existing cell phone SIM card with the iPad, but when I tried it was quickly evident the SIM card is too big for the iPad. Is it safe to use a trimmed SIM card? I'd love to use my own card to access online instead of signing up with another service provider...

Sent by Jenny

Editor - Here's an excellent tutorial, How to Turn Your SIM Into a Micro-SIM, explaining how to convert a SIM card to a Micro-SIM using embroidery scissors. With a little preparation and steady hands, you can easily resize a SIM card for one device into a more petite Micro-SIM for your iPad (or iPhone or other Micro-SIM devices).

Of course, if you feel like the task seems a bit daunting, there's an aftermarket tool designed simply for this task. The "Cut My Sim" is designed specifically to convert your full size SIM card into a Micro-SIM, while also including a "Back to normal" kit (basically a SIM sized pop-in sleeve).

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