Can You Guess This Collection?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sure, we’re a day late and a dollar short in getting this post up during September’s Collections month, but we just spotted it last night. And we couldn’t resist this collection — perhaps the most peculiar seen in the array of collections you viewed on Apartment Therapy over the past month.

You can be an easy group to rile and this one is bound to elicit a gigantic “GROSS” reaction when you realize what it is. It’s a collection of dryer lint. Uh huh. Strange but true. Danny Seo of Daily Danny spotted this collection at an exhibit of unusual collections at the Philadelphia Airport (we hail from the City of Brotherly love so we’re feeling kind of proud of this strange exhibit).

Check out Danny’s full post here to see a few more collections from the exhibit.

Have you ever done anything special with your, um, dryer lint?

Image: Danny Seo