Can You Live Without An Internet Connection At Home?

Can You Live Without An Internet Connection At Home?

Range Govindan
Nov 1, 2010

Even after you've canceled a lot of your monthly bills, like cable and the landline, there's still the Internet connection. Can you easily live without one? It all depends on what exactly you do, but in modern times, it's really hard to imagine living without high-speed Internet at home.

Students are lucky since they can easily get high-speed Internet in dorms for next to nothing. That, or they can visit the computer labs in their faculty building to get their stuff done, but it makes going online a bit of a chore, especially if part of your work is done on the computer.

The best way to go online if you haven't got an Internet connection at home is to go to a nearby coffee shop. Yes, we know that some coffee shops have started to frown at people with their laptops, but in most coffee shops, this isn't a problem. Depending on where you live, part of your city might already be blanketed with free WiFi. While this isn't true for everyone, going to the local coffee shop is certainly an option. As you might have heard, Starbucks is no offering WiFi free for everyone, which is really nice when you are in an unfamiliar city.

Another option would include going to Internet cafés. There are a bunch of different ones, but you'll need to check where they are. In my neighborhood, I can get 9 hours of Internet time for $3.30, but I live in Taipei. If you're using their computers, you should be careful with your flashdrives and removable hard drives. It's easy for your data to get infected by viruses in Internet cafés.

There are also a bunch of different shops and libraries that offer free Internet. Libraries, at a university, college, or even a public library, usually have a bunch of different terminals to access the Internet. If your library had a recent overhaul, then you'll find new computers. Bookstores are also a good bet to find free Internet. Community centers are also a good idea.

All in all, I have to say that the Internet bill is the one bill that I don't mind paying. I don't have cable or satellite TV, but I do need high-speed Internet, preferably the fastest available.

[images via Vivirlatino, South Australian Libraries]

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