Canada Bans BPA!

Canada Bans BPA!

Cambria Bold
Aug 30, 2010

It's official: Canada has banned BPA, declaring it a hazardous substance. In recent studies dozens of scientists have linked high levels of BPA to a wide variety of health issues, including mammary and prostate cancer, genital defects in males, early onset of puberty in females, obesity, and even behavior problems such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.* So, go Canada for taking this important step!

My question now is: what's up, America?

According to Grist, the North American chemical industry is "furious" that Canada has taken this step, and the American Chemistry Council vigorously defended BPA during Environment Canada's toxic review, declaring that the agency was "pander[ing] to emotional zealots." As we know, the FDA has reversed its long-held opinion on BPA, and it now expresses "some concern" over its effects. But apparently, it's simply too difficult to ban, and its removal remains optional for food companies.

And unfortunately, the US Senate isn't being much help right now, as a ban on BPA was removed from the Senate's food safety bill earlier this month due to industry pressure.

So it looks like we should stick with ways to reduce our exposure to BPA, including avoiding polycarbonate plastic bottles and containers and canned foods. Unless you live in Canada, in which case you should have all BPA-free products within a few months!

*Scientific American, BPA study: Plastic chemical is unhealthy for children and other living things

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