Candela Rechargable Candles in the Test Lab

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Product: Candela rechargable candles
Designer: Duane Smith and Stefane Barbeau
Price: $49 – $400

Rating: Strong Recommend*

We were skeptical of these little plastic rechargable battery operated lights until we used them. First, we found them extremely attractive and practical for clients who have babies and strange nighttime habits, now, we have found them terrifically useful outdoors in the country.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

At the house we share with friends in the summer, we have been using the industrial strength 10 lamp system this summer for getting around in the dark, lighting up dinner tables and taking into the outdoor shower at night (!!).

They are easy to use, cast a really nice light and have totally replaced all the plastic flashlights that required new batteries every few weeks.

Downsides? The 10 lamp system is pricey and you do have to be careful with them as we have broken one bulb already. The functionality and the charging have been good this first season, but we don’t have any long term experience. If anyone does, let us know. MGR

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