This Fluffy Mattress Pad Made My Bed Feel Like a Cloud (and It’s Only $50!)

published Jan 17, 2024
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During my visit back home during the holidays, I must have spent a record-breaking number of hours napping or lounging in my bed. Stranded in the suburbs without my own car, I didn’t have many other priorities aside from getting a ton of rest (and catching up with family, of course). We all deserve a solid “bed rotting” session every so often, right? In my case, I found it to be a welcome change of pace. When you do it in moderation, it can be a form of self-care, even!

But I’ll stop trying to make myself feel better and get back to the point: I always look forward to returning to my bed back at home because it’s always been more comfortable than the one in my New York apartment. (At least, it was before I tried out my new mattress topper, but that’s another story.) This time, I noticed right away that it was even more cloud-like than usual. After a bit of investigation, I discovered that the Candice Olson Mattress Pad was behind the change, and right now, it’s on sale for only $50.

What is the Candice Olson Luxury Cotton Mattress Pad?

If you haven’t quite reached the level of fluffiness that you like with your mattress or topper, you should consider adding this budget-friendly, hypoallergenic mattress pad as an extra layer. Though mattress pads, as opposed to toppers, typically serve more as a protective barrier for your mattress from water, stains, and dust mites, this one has the added benefit of some cushion.

Plus, it offers a thread count of 300between 200 and 600 is ideal, and anything above about 400 might require some extra attention. Care for this mattress pad, though, is totally simple, given that it can be tossed into the washing machine without much effort. While it’s filled with polyester — the box stitch ensures that the cushion is evenly distributed —  its shell is 100% cotton. It’s breathable and, most importantly, not sweat-inducing. It even has fairly deep, 15-inch pockets, so it won’t budge when you’re putting on sheets or tossing and turning during the night.

Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond

Why I Love the Candice Olson Luxury Cotton Mattress Pad?

Now that I experienced how cozy this mattress pad is at home, I’m totally adding it as another layer on top of my too-firm mattress in NYC. As uncomfortable as I find my current mattress to be, I still want to protect my hefty investment — and to do that while getting a bit more plushness is a major plus. During my (numerous) bed rotting sessions at my parents’ house, I was comfortably enveloped by the filling, but I never felt like I sunk too far into it. So, if you prefer a firmer mattress and want to add a subtle amount of cushion, or have a softer mattress and simply want a protective layer, you really can’t go wrong either way with this one. For weeks, it never shifted — my mom can vouch for how secure the sides are, too. She said that when she put it on my bed, it tucked in easily.

I slept soundly all night long throughout my stay back home, which I’m sure I can attribute at least in part to this mattress pad. (Dozens of five-star reviews back me up, too, so I know it’s not just me!) For a mere $50, you’ll get a protective covering to keep your mattress in tip-top shape and some extra coziness, which is an absolute bargain in my eyes.