Can't Afford a Leica? Buy These Leica-Inspired Items Instead

Can't Afford a Leica? Buy These Leica-Inspired Items Instead

Elizabeth Giorgi
Aug 22, 2012

There are rumors a Leica M10 has been spotted in the wild, which makes my mouth salivate and my wallet frown. I've always wanted a Leica, but it's definitely a stretch for most hobbyist photographers. You could start saving your money now or you could engage in some retail therapy.

I'm going for retail therapy and hoping the M9 will see a nice price drop when the M10 hits stores. In the meantime, here's six things you can buy instead:

  1. Leica art: The quality and ingenuity of the Leica camera has been captured in a wide variety of artistic forms. This print from Gianmarco Magnani is beautiful in it's simplicity, just like the Leica itself.
  2. Leica strap: There's something slightly sacrilegious about attaching a Leica strap to any old camera, but if it will make you feel better, I say go for it. This Leica carrying strap is only $34.95.
  3. Photos taken with Leicas: Sure, this might seem slightly tortuous to some. But if you've been dreaming of a Leica, it's precisely because of the outstanding image quality. I like the idea of motivating myself to save money with a quality photo from another photographer. Next time I want to go on an online shopping spree, I'll look at this photographic skin from Shi Xuan Huang and think again.

  4. Wear a Leica: If you can't wear it around your neck, why not wear it on your shirt?

  5. Skin your phone: I'm increasingly impressed by the quality of photos taken by iPhones and other smartphones. Add apps to the equation and we've got a whole new world of digital photography before us. This iPhone skin seems like an appropriate recognition of this new movement.

  6. Hide another point and shoot: If you never take your other point and shoot out of this Leica C-Lux 3 case, maybe you can fool yourself too? For $64, it might be a worthwhile trick.

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